Kathryn Ookami
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Kathryn Ookami

008 by Me

Kemono Avatar with a Sylveon Mod from Ritz



tarte. for Collabor88 June

tarte. is a guest designer in this month’s round of Collabor88! For this event, tarte. is featuring the studio skybox for just 288L and two variations of the repurposed shipwheel, 88L each. These prices are for a limited time only – grab them at C88 today!

Taxi: Collabor88

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Mod for the Kemono Avatar, I am using eyes from Candy Mountain in the ad, they are not included with the mod. <3




♥ L$50 / Color Pack 

I finally finished the tops & got them up on the marketplace, yayyy!  I love them!  I hope you guys love them too ♥  

Updated! Ciel’s Contract Seal Eye Set

:Updated 6/9/2014: (COPY/MODIFY/Not Transferable)

Includes the following eye types: 
-Furry (Fitted to the Curious Chinchilla & Kani Dog) 
-System Eyes 
-Prim Eyes 
-Unrigged Mesh Eyes 
-Applier for the UTILIZATOR M3 Anime Head 
-Applier for the UTILIZATOR Kemono Avatar Head

-Click here to purchase-

What was updated:

Now includes UTILIZATOR Kemono appliers, as well as updated UTILIZATOR M3 Anime Head appliers, Updated unrigged mesh eyes. 

Contains the original furry, system, and prim eye sets as well just added a few things.

You know when you get a bad review on something you worked your ass off on and you just kind of die inside a little bit… Especially when that’s what you were going for and they give you a bad review on the texture and throw off on your vision of said thing like it was an error, even thou it’s CLEARLY shown on the picture, before they even brought it and described as so?…. So feeling it tonight….. x_x

hi! lazy Kat here, I haven’t posted in a while, sorry about that, Ryu(my husband) started a new job in RL and the hours have been different and I haven’t really had too much time to do anything lately, I have a big shop update coming soon, I been planning it for a while x_x just now getting around to that. Hope all of you are doing well!

xx - Kathryn

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This is  very cliche ^^;.. and never thought making one of these but seems useful when there aren’t many Tumblr Blogs dedicated at least 90% to Second Life!

So.. Let’s make friends everyone!, Please feel free to reblog, or at least “like” the picture if you play Second Life! <3

I’ve reblogged before but I’ll do it again <3



Today’s look is called “Connectivity Issues”

Yay newness!

Bubblegum, a slightly pink mod for the M3 anime head;

M3 Anime Head mod, with matching skin!

(Comes with three M3 Head Appliers, one without the heart, one with the heart on the left and one with the heart on the right)

comes with the following additional OPTIONAL matching appliers:

Tango (For regular tango’s and Mirage)

Phat/Cute Azz

SLink hands and feet

>Click here to see on Marketplace< (more pictures)

005 on Flickr by Me.

Makeup by Shae ^_^